Meeting in Ninigui

On a Monday morning in the end of November, representants of the seven quarters of the village of Ninigui gather in the meeting room of the Naam group's Union.

We had an appointment with them to give the go-ahead for a grand survey. The socio-economic survey involves seven men and seven women who will spend seven days to interview 140 households on their income and expenses, their water consumption and the problems they face to get water. The interviewers are also making a detailed inventory of all the village water points. The analysis of all these data will give us a clear image of the water problems. Which are the quarters that need an extra water source? Where are problems mostly due to mismanagement? And how can the situated be improved?

But we're not yet there. During the meeting, the survey methodology has been explained and lots were drawn to determine which household will take part. The quarter responsible persons have elaborated lists with all households. Numbered pieces of paper are put in a plastic bag and drawn by the innocent hand of a child.

Some of the interviewers that will spend one week in the village.