Issouf and Patricia are getting married

On the 16th of December, Issouf and Patricia tied the knot. Some pictures to show you the atmosphere on their wedding day...

The most important day of their life started at 9 am in church. Patricia is Catholic, Issouf is Muslim. No problem in Burkina Faso, but this manifolds the number of celebrations: in church, at the town hall, at the mosque, and the day after a traditional ceremony at home.

In Burkina, weddings still take place unremittingly. Hence several couples are in church simultaneously. This time they are two, sometimes four or more…

The second stage takes place at the town hall of Tampuy (municipality of the capital Ouagadougou). Also here many are eager to marry so they have to queue up.

Issouf and Patricia take their vows at the registry office to be joined in matrimony.

Outside, the gathering crowd applauds the bridal couple. No rice grains but snippets of paper are being thrown over Issouf and Patricia.

The crowd moves on with music and dance.

Then it's time for a party with family, friends and relatives. A large space has been hired to serve drinks and food for all. Also in Burkina, getting married is expensive.

Issouf and Patricia cut the wedding cake. After the party, Issouf heads for the mosque, while the families get prepared to receive the visitors at home.