Rocks in Aribinda

In the North of Burkina Faso, halfway Djibo and Dori, you find a village named Aribinda. Impressive rock formations, a relief in this flat land, are worthwhile to visit. And why not right before sunset?

At the foot of the wall. The Aribinda rocks date back from the Precambrian era and are very old basic granite: they were formed more then 2 billion years ago, and have been abrading for 1 billion years.

Around Aribinda, three of those rock formations are situated. Those holy hills are called the Man, the Woman, and the Child. On top of the Man, the view is breathtaking.

The most remarkable about the Aribinda rocks are the engravings. They represent lances (as on the picture), animals and hunters, but are not always very visible. These are the first signs of sedentary people in the area. In the caves, fragments of pottery, funeral jars and statues of bronze have been found. A bit further you find the remains of grinders in the rocks, probably used to grind the cereals.