Xmas 2007

As Xmas 2006 almost slipped by unnoticed, we had a double version in store for us this year. With all the trimmings, a small Chinese Christmas tree and red illuminations, also from China, we definitely recovered last year's losses. For real Belgians, food and drinks are indispensable. Take a look at how we spend December 25…

The red illuminations that gave our house the style of Petit Paris. Here in Burkina Faso everything that glitters and sparks is called 'Petit Paris', everything that exists in large numbers is called 'la Chine populaire'.

For the occasion, we showed off our Belgian and mostly elsewhere pinched cookery (thanks Hasbi). Everything could be lumped together as 'mulligan' (in Dutch this gives 'pret met prut'). If it seems not very tasty, this is completely due to the flashlight. Our visitors all appreciated. Also look it the Christmas Tree at the end of the table! And oh yes, we accidentally tore off too much paper of our block calendar. It truly was December 25.

Clockwise, starting at noon:

  • Unalloyed 'rabbit with prunes', vegetarian and Burkinese version, thus with dried mango and dolo, the local sorghum beer.
  • Fiery mashed potatoes
  • Gado-gado: a salad (on the right) with peanut sauce (on the left)
  • Dum aloo: potatoes in a spicy yoghurt sauce
  • The one and only dahl
  • We also won praise with our dessert: a pastry made with petit beurre biscuits called (literally translated): bricklayer's gateau (unfortunately not on the picture).

Professeur Konfe with Sabine and on the left her dad, Damien.

The enthusiast enthusiasts of the library last year: Razack and Ibrahim

Parties are an excellent occasion to get some new cloths. A photo shoot is inevitable. Safieta on the left, her boyfriend Aziz on the right.

On both pictures Hyacinth is playing the funny guy. As a real m'as-tu vu, he searches for his money in his shirt pocket, or he brings an empty beer bottle to his mouth.

On the left you see Victorine, and on the right Monique (we celebrated Xmas 2006 at her place). On the windowsill, you see a cart of Jesus. We got it from our boutiquier. He is Muslim and he supposes that we worship Jesus as we celebrate Christmas. So he wants Jesus to have a special place in our living room.

The neighbours also lined up for some family pictures.

After having slept it off, we enjoyed wonderful German chocolates. Thanks, Sebastian and Maria…