Rice growing in Mogtedo

1 - The Mogtedo Rice Cooperative

Farmers of five villages want to start growing rice at the barrage lakes. For them, Ocades has organised a study trip to Mogtedo, east of the capital Ouagadougou.

2 - The great barrage lake of Mogtedo

Downstream the barrage lake, paddy rice fields have been set out. Through gravitation forces, the water is lead to irrigation canals to be brought to the paddy fields.

3 - The green paddy fields of Mogtedo

The green paddies contrast sharply with the bone-dry nord.

4 - Rice nursery next to the irrigation canal

The visite to the paddy fields of Mogtedo has impressed the farmers. Back home, some of them started making rice nurseries as the one on this picture.

5 - Farmers on a study trip