The capital Ouagadougou is at less than 200 kilometres of Ouahigouya. The connection is fast: by bus it takes you two or three hours to get there (the road is asphalted!).

1 - Place de la Révolution

Gigantic empty square in the town centre. The modern building with its brown windows on the right is the BCEAO headquarters (Central Bank of West-African States).

2 - Street view

In Ouagadougou there is a lot of traffic: cars and trucks, but mostly mopeds and bicycles. We discover the town on foot.

3 - tree statue

4 - Avenue de l'Indépendance

The Champs-Elysées of Ouagadougou connect the presidential palace with the Place des Nations Unies (next picture) and constitute the most important axe of town. Most ministries are situated there, and the embassies aren't far either. Many of these services will move to Ouaga 2000 in the future, the hyper luxurious newly constructed part of town.

5 - Place des Nations Unies

Beautiful but very crowded and noisy roundabout from which the five principal boulevards leave. Fortunately, there are red lights that work and that are respected. In the distance you can see the presidential palace.